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Financial Planning

Insight Wealth Partners specialises in all forms of financial planning, wealth creation and protection  services. At Insight Wealth Partners our goal is to provide a service that you would be delighted in recommending to others. We understand that you are placing us in a privileged position in dealing with your financial affairs and we repay that trust by always “putting you first”.

Retirement Planning

Is the thought of retirement something to be excited about or is financial uncertainty creating stress instead? When should I retire, can I afford to retire, will I be eligible for the Age Pension? Is there someone that can help me with these Centrelink forms? If you have asked yourself any questions like these find out why our clients are thanking their accountant for an introduction to Insight Wealth Partners.

Unfortunately, in our younger years when time and compounding returns can make huge differences in the long term, most of us are simply not interested in retirement planning. Simple strategies can give you a better retirement, if we can get you interested!

As you get closer to that day when you can throw out the alarm clock  many questions will need to be answered? Can I afford to retire? How long will my money last? How do I make the most of Centrelink  benefits?

Estate Planning

Everyone has a Will, those who didn’t do one themselves have the one the Government wrote for them! Many family relationships are ruined forever after disputes over a poorly drafted Will, or no Will at all.

What type of Nomination do you have in place for your superannuation? Is it Binding or does the trustee have to consider claims from other people you didn’t intend to provide for? Separated or Divorced? Who really gets the money if you nominate children under 18?

If you spent your lifetime creating a estate planning, make sure you spend a little bit of time making sure it goes where you want it too!!

Aged Care

Placing a loved one into a care facility can often be an emotionally draining experience. Normally we are dealing with an elderly parent or spouse.  Many things are going through your mind, not least of all wanting the best aged care for your parent.

The financial implications are another worry. Questions like :-

  • What do we do with Mum’s house?
  • Do we sell it or rent it out?
  • Can we afford the facility we want?
  • How do we pay the bond?
  • Are there any strategies to reduce the fees?
  • What happens to the Pension?

We can’t help you with the emotional side of this equation but answering the financial questions, showing you the impact of the financial decisions can take some of the worry away.

The earlier you seek advice the more choices are open to you. If you have completed the asset statement for the care facility and submitted it the outcome may be fixed already and may not be what you hoped.

Insight Wealth Partners are accredited Age Care specialists and can help simplify these choices for you.

Business Succession Planning

Why are you in business? Most people would answer that with varying emphasis on different threads in the same theme. Such as “to be my own boss”, “to control my own destiny”, “to build an asset”, “to secure my family’s financial future”

Business succession planning means planning for that day you finish running your business for ever. This means diversifying your wealth outside the business, maximising the business value for sale, considering if the next generation can take over. The list of possibilities is long and often complex.

Do you have a business partner or partners? Would they want to be in business with your wife? Do you want your family to depend on your business partner doing the right thing? Would certainty over the business ownership and certainty on the value your family receives make you sleep more comfortably?

Insight Wealth Partners can help you prepare for the planned exit from your business and can put a plan in place to protect the business and your family in the event of the unexpected exit.

Insight Accounting Pty Ltd is a CPA Practice

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